2016 Highlights

2017 is already moving so fast, as I am clearly behind on publishing this post, but I think it is important to disconnect and spend quality time with family. I always say that the year doesn't get started until a few days into January anyways.

Before the new year gets too far ahead of me, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has showed their support for Au Mexique. Whether you have bought a bag, liked/shared/commented on social media, helped me organize or host events, or put me in contact with the right people, I am immensely grateful. Even people that I haven't spoken to in years have shown their support, and it has been so fun reconnecting with them over something I love doing.

As we begin a new year and put 2016 behind us, I wanted to share a few highlights from last year:
Seeing the Au Mexique logo for the first time.
I worked with the DBM Studio and they did such a great job of visually capturing what I had envisioned for the brand (elegant, unique, sophisticated). This was the first milestone where Au Mexique felt official.
Getting my first shipment of inventory.
I was so eager to go pick up the shipment that I just could not wait any longer on a friend with an SUV to take me. I thought that I could squeeze five medium sized boxes into my little Jetta, but they turned out to be enormous. I ended up having to unbox some bags to fit everything in my car, which ended up so full that I could not see out of any window besides the driver's side. I probably should have waited until I had access to a bigger vehicle, but I was too excited to tear into the boxes and see the final product.
Working with the Edgar Luna photography team for the first campaign shoot.

Edgar is one of my dear friends and he was such a cornerstone in portraying the brand through photos. He did everything from putting me in contact with the modeling agency, scouted the location, found a pair of cowboy boots to fit the model just a few hours before the shoot, and more importantly made shooting in 100+ degree weather with his awesome team an absolute blast.
Hosting the first trunk show in my hometown.
Since my brand is partly inspired by my Paris, Texas roots, it was only fitting that my first trunk show be held here. Thanks to my mom for helping organize everything and to Karol Lynne from Soho Boutique for hosting such a fun event.
Holiday Boutique Event in Phoenix, Arizona.
I participated in a holiday boutique event with about 10 other local Arizona vendors. I had the best time meeting other small business owners and learning about their respective journeys. Not to mention that selling bags and drinking mimosas with customers is one of my new favorite things to do :)
Fulfilling my first online order.
When I launched my website, I wasn't expecting any orders just because 1) if somebody knew me and wanted a bag, they would contact me 2) I don't have a ton of styles to browse online and 3) the probability of someone landing on my page and purchasing was slim to none. I am not Amazon or Nordstrom.com, and I know that. When I opened my Shopify dashboard just a week after launching my website, I was expecting to see the "0 orders and 3 visitors" per usual. I was instead pleasantly surprised to see a new order that needed to be fulfilled for one of my best friends that lives in San Diego. Even though the order was for someone that I knew, I was still so excited for this milestone.

These are just a few highlights from last year and while they don't necessarily portray the hardships/challenges of starting a business, it is still nice to reflect back on those pivotal moments that got you where you are today. In the next few days I will share what you can expect from Au Mexique in 2017. Thanks, again, for all your support! I hope you all have a wonderful year filled with lots of love, health and happiness!

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