2017: What´s to Come

neutral crossbody leather bag_2017 goals

Last year I launched Au Mexique and hit some important milestones, so now what?
I sold just enough bags to keep me going into this year (thank you all, once again, for your support), which 2017 means could be life or death for Au Mexique. A scary and exciting challenge at the same time. I have to pick up the momentum to stay in business, so here is what I have planned for this upcoming year:
1. New product. You can definitely expect some new styles and color variations of the best sellers (like the above bag in black!). This is the part of the business that gets me most excited. I love the design process and picking out the types of leather/colors, so I look forward to rolling out new products for you guys in the upcoming months. I am working on a survey to get some feedback, too, so stay tuned :)
2. More events. This been my most successful sales channel so far, so I am looking to participate in more events and local markets. In fact, I just found out that I was selected as a vendor for the Flea Style Spring Show, which I am honored to be apart of (sharing more details next week!). If you know of any local markets or events in your area, please share! I am also looking to collaborate with speciality boutiques to host trunk shows. I love getting to know boutique owners and also being able to interact with customers and hear their feedback, so hopefully I can nail down a few dates in the upcoming months. 
3. Blogger/Influencer Collaborations. This is another part of the business I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands on. I think forming strategic partnerships with bloggers and influencers is such a critical part of generating brand awareness, and after years of admiring certain blogs/IG accounts-turned-brands, I look forward to the possibility of working with them!
4. Finances. This is my least favorite part of the business because it's my greatest weakness. For the majority of last year, I just spent and had no idea how much on what and how much came from my personal fund vs. business fund. I know, a nightmare. I have been tracking my expenses/sales the past two months, which is a start. I need to set up a small business account to separate personal from business, and then figure out the whole tax ordeal before April 15. If anybody has any advice in this area, it would be more than welcome.
5. Give back. I think as business owners, we should be socially responsible. We have been given the opportunity to operate a business and make a living, so we should able to give back and create opportunities for others, whether that be for better health, education, etc. I have been meditating different causes and how to incorporate them, so I am just waiting to see what and when it feels right.
I look forward to surviving and maybe thriving in 2017 :)

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