The past few weeks, I have been teasing some big news through a series of personal posts (that you can read here, here and here ), and today, I finally get to share what I have been working on this past year.

Since experiencing the authentic Mexico, it has been a dream of mine to  share the beauty and rich, Mexican culture with the rest of the world through fashion.

And on the eve of celebrating Mexican Independence Day, I present to you, Au Mexique, a brand that I envisioned years ago and have now brought to life today.

Au Mexique is a leather accessory brand that blends the elegant beauty of Mexico with the independent spirit of Texas. Our accessories are handcrafted by artisans in Mexico using rich leather sourced from tanneries in León.

But Au Mexique is more than just a line of handbags or a side project.  Au Mexique is my love letter to Mexico and my tribute to my humble Paris, Texas roots. My mission is to share Mexico´s grandeur with the rest of the world through affordable, quality leather goods that embody the wearer´s timeless elegance and individuality.

stephanie harrison mexico


Needless to say, this past year has been quite a journey, full of highs and lows, doubts, deadlines and endless new challenges. I still have a massive to-do list to “officially” get Au Mexique off the ground and a long way to go to get where I want to be, but today I can say that I did it: I made a vision come to life.

Even though I am just getting started and only time will tell if I succeed or fail with Au Mexique, regardless of what happens, it has been one of the most rewarding projects I have taken on. While I feel proud and accomplished just for getting to this day, creating Au Mexique has given me an immense sense of gratitude.

I am so grateful to my family and friends who have supported me this past year, whether it be through words of encouragement, pushing me to get through those times when I have doubted myself, letting me bounce ideas off of you, offering your services, and generally wanting to help any way you can. I am forever grateful to all of you because none of this would be possible if it weren´t for you.


AU MEXIQUE Logo by DBM studio


You can continue following the Au Mexique journey on Instagram and Facebook, where you can finish reading the rest of the story about the turning points that brought  me to where I am today. And of course, see (and shop!) the handbags designed by yours truly.

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