Flea Style Dallas Spring Show Recap

flea style dallas spring show


This post is overdue, but I wanted to recap my experience participating in the Flea Style Dallas Spring Show back in April, which for me was my first "big" show. I also wanted to share my experience so that it can also serve any other entrepreneurs out there who are just getting started and are overwhelmed with where to begin.

I found out about Flea Style on Instagram (where else do we discover new brands/companies these days?) when they were hosting one of their Summits for creative entrepreneurs, and I was extremely inspired by the company, their mission, what they do and of course, loved that they were Dallas based. When I saw that they were accepting vendor applications for their Spring Show in Dallas, I immediately applied that Friday night with a glass of wine in hand. I was excited about the thought of sharing the floor at Fair Park with other like-minded makers and shakers and spreading the word about my brand, but at the same time, I was terrified at the thought of how I would fill up my 10 x 10 foot space and wondered if they would even accept me since my business is basically in Pampers.

flea style dallas show

{before all the booths were set up}

flea style spring show

{my booth before}

All in all, Flea Style was a success and a tremendous learning experience. When I got my booth assignment, I was thrilled that I was placed near Gypsy Wagon, All The Wire, and Blaine Bowen, who are all businesses that have merchandise I love and are run by boss ladies who I admire.

From brainstorming the setup and the necessary furniture with my photographer Edgar Luna, to driving my car stuffed with bags across the Texas-Mexico border in order to avoid paying an arm and a leg for shipping, to borrowing furniture and random odds and ends from family and friends in Dallas, getting my booth up and running took a village, but we did it.

flea style dallas show

{the finished product!}

Watching other vendors setting up was incredible (there were seriously some amazing, elaborate booths), and an hour before the show started, there was this awesome energy in the air as everyone was hustling around putting the final touches on their booths and about to see their hard work paid off, and being part of that was nothing short of EXCITING.

As a newbie to this whole scene, connecting with other vendors, soaking in their experiences and advice, learning about the whole process of setting up/merchandising/tearing down a booth, and getting the word out about Au Mexique made it worthwhile. If you are an entrepreneur with a unique/funky product, Flea Style is a great place to start to make those connections, get customer feedback, and get your feet wet with the whole show process.

dallas flea style

I applied for their Fall Show in Dallas, so we will see! If I get accepted, I look forward to improving upon my areas of opportunity and meeting more makers and shakers! Thank you, again, to the Flea Style team for your hard work in putting on these events and giving small entrepreneurs like myself the platform to share our brands with others.

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  • Brittany Cobb

    Thank you for sharing your story! We adore you and your business and look forward to watching it grow! See you this fall :)

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