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Mexico City El Angel

You know Mexico City is hot when Gwenyth Paltrow´s Goop blog features the city.

Last year I went to Mexico City a handful of times, with few trips for business and two weekends for pleasure. I will never get tired of visiting because there is so much to see and do. In fact, as I write this post, I am trying to think of a reason why I need to go back.

Mexico City clashes everywhere you go, everywhere you look: old vs. new, poverty vs. opulence, street food vs. world-renowned restaurants. This is what gives Mexico City character and makes it such a dynamic melting pot.

Like any cosmopolitan city, you can never cover enough ground to do everything within a short period of time, so here are a few spots I visited last year that I recommend adding to your list of things to do in Mexico City:


{wearing the ´Regia´ bag, which is perfect for being a tourist}

Frida Kahlo 's Casa Azul: I feel like Frida has become very trendy in the last few years, which is completely understandable because she is incredibly inspiring. Taking a tour of Frida's house while re-visiting her artistic themes and how she overcame adversity was a great reminder of why she is truly an iconic woman. The best part about when we went was that Vogue had an exhibit displaying her clothing and accessories, and I loved how she wore everything from Givenchy to embroidered textiles made in Oaxaca. Another positive note about the Casa Azul: because it is not a huge space, you can be in and out in about an hour, which leaves you more time for other activities in the city.

frida kahlo casa azul givenchy dress

{Frida´s dress designed by Jean Paul Gaultier}


mercado roma mexico city

Mercado de la Roma: I went to Mercado Roma two years ago on a girls´ trip, and the concept is so awesome that it is worth returning. At Mercado Roma, you can grab a bite to eat (everything from sushi to Mediterranean food to tapas), coffee, dessert or you can even enjoy beer and wine at the rooftop beer garden. On your way up, stop and browse different kinds of food, spices, soaps, and other items crafted by local vendors.


Palacio de Correos (Post Office Palace): Speaking of opulence, there is a reason why the post office in downtown Mexico is called a palace. The inside of this historical landmark is lined with extravagant marble floors and intricate iron-work that takes you back in time to the early twentieth century.

 diego riveral mural mexico city zocalo

Diego Rivera´s “Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park” Mural: The good thing about visiting the historic downtown area is that you can cross several landmarks off your list. Rivera´s mural, which is located at the Diego Rivera Mural Museum downtown, depicts more than 400 years of Mexican history and has a whole cast of characters, including Frida Kahlo, Benito Juárez, and Hernán Cortés, to name a few. Even though this mural was created in the late 1940´s, you can clearly see that “clashing” has been a dominant theme throughout Mexico´s dynamic history.

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